The New iPod Nano: It's Skinny Again

The world was fairly certain that the latest generation of iPod nano had ditched its squat appearance for another growth spurt, but today in San Francisco, Steve Jobs confirmed the rumour as fact on stage: The fourth generation iPod nano is indeed skinny again and it features an accelerometer. Innovation or identity crisis, here are the complete details on the device that's available now:

Form Factor
The new nano is tall like the original nano, but it's also curved like the iPhone. Available in 9 colours (silver, gunmetal, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red and pink.)

The entire nano line has been bumped in storage under the same price points we already know, now supporting 8GB for US$150 and 16GB for US$199.

Voice Recorder
Woo! (Scroll down, appears to be in headphones)

Integrated accelerometer notices landscape mode for Cover Flow, photos and video, and it allows the nano to be shaken to shuffle a random track. Holding the centre button during a song brings up the Genius menu.

Battery Life
24 hours of music, 4 hours of video. Sounds similar to the old nano.

New Headphones
Include micro remote and microphone.

The new nano is arsenic-free , bfr-free, mercury free, pvc free, and "highly recyclable."

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