The NES Was Never Designed for Flight

I was lucky enough to attend Red Bull's Flugtag event in Chicago last Saturday, but like most other attendees, I wasn't lucky enough to actually watch the event as these flying machines (not really intended for flight) launched off a 30-foot pad that was perpendicular to the shoreline, facing into the water. Regardless, had I the pleasure to watch the event, I would have loved the Nintendudes who crafted a giant NES, Zapper and Duck Hunt duck for flight. To their dismay, vintage gaming gear does not scale to aircraft.

The Nintendudes did not place in the competition, though to be fair, the designer of their 115kg plane had no experience designing planes. As he explained:

I didn't necessarily study the laws of aerodynamics when I designed it. It may fly, but it wasn't necessarily designed with that in mind.

We're sure the NES and Zapper would have floated just fine if they weren't weighed down by that useless bird. [Midstate News and Flugtag via Kotaku]

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