The Mother of All Lego Star Wars Battles

Tim Goddard is at it again with his Star Wars mini-fighters. This time he has built the mother of all Lego Star Wars battles, with thousands of pieces and hundreds of spaceships, Imperial walkers, Rebel hovercrafts and even a movable turbolaser train. The level of detail and complexity is mindblowing:

I'm tempted to donate all my Lego to Tim to see if he can build a complete Death Star trench scene at this scale, with a couple hundred fighters and towers.

The only bad thing about this scale, however, is the lack of minifigs, which are my personal obsession. And yes, you know exactly what I'm going to say now: Go Miniman Go! contest! The end of October is the deadline and we have priceless vintage sets that run for thousands of dollars in eBay, waiting for the winners. So get out your minifigs and shot your video using any technique you want.

Check the contest and the rules here.

[Brothers Brick]

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