The Force is Tiny (and Incredibly Detailed) With This Amazing Lego Microscale Diorama

The Force is Tiny (and Incredibly Detailed) With This Amazing Lego Microscale Diorama

Lego microscale enthusiast RogueBantha has been busy. For the past year, he’s been putting the finishing touches on this incredible battle scene between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire, and over the weekend he placed the last brick. Now, Lego and Star Wars have been done before here at Gizmodo (the former being profiled dutifully by Jesus during his awesome trip), but the extra cool thing about this busy, incredibly detailed scene is that it’s done in 1:200 microscale. That means there’s tiny X-Wing’s making their strafing runs against tiny AT-AT’s; a bad arse monorail system; and even a massive transport ship—all captured using as few pieces as possible.

Builder Tim Goddard gave Giz permission to post a few of the pics from his Flickr set, which is actually a snapshot of a bigger battle, complete with back story:

Welcome to Mustaneer! (it's not as distant as Mustafar) Basically it's a Rebel attack on an Imperial base and mining installation. About a year in the making, on and off, it is 75 by 125cm and all built in 1:200 scale. I've taken LOADS of pictures (OK, I've taken too many) but I've tried to write something interesting with each, so if you have a bit of spare time join me on a journey to a galaxy far far away....

Like he says, each photo in the set has a short summary detailing what's going on in the image. Believe you me, they're both interesting and helpful. Every nook and cranny of this diorama is filled with something, and not one inch centimeter went to waste. Check out some more below, but be sure to visit Bantha's page and leave him some love! Star Wars and Lego? WIN.

[Flickr set, used with permission]