The Bricked Mac Timelapse Video

The Bricked Mac Timelapse Video

RP Cuento sent us this time-lapse video showing how he built his 2,558-pieces Lego Mac Pro, which he dubs Bricked Mac. He also told us a few more facts about this fantastic Lego computer, starting with a basic question: Does it overheat?

It doesnt really overheat too badly. If I'm running batch compressor stuff, I'll just pop open the side, which is removable.

The box took 14 hours to build. It includes a Mac Mini with a 250GB hard drive hack, with the system drive being an ESATA drive. The Hackintosh running Mac OS X, the second computer inside the box, uses:

2.4GHz Intel Q6600 Quad Core
Gigabyte ep35-ds3l motheboard
BFG NVIDIA 8800gt with 512 Mbytes
2GB of 800MHz RAM
750 and 400GB harddrives

[Thanks RP Cuenco]