The Amazing Tech, Lasers and Lights Behind a Nine Inch Nails Concert

Trent Reznor, front man for Nine Inch Nails, is no stranger to cool tech, incredibly in-depth viral and ARG marketing campaigns, and new ways to entertain his fans live in concert. During their current Lights in the Sky tour, they let Wired writer Brian Gardiner and photographer Jon Snyder record and catalog basically everything that goes on behind the scenes to make things tick. That includes a system run entirely by Linux; hundreds of LED lights, lasers; intentional BSoD's, and "Stealth Screens"—huge, interactive marvels of tech and engineering that Reznor and his band mates can pass through and control in real time as the concert unfolds. "I'm not really a purist," Reznor told Wired. "If I'm in the studio working on an album, I try to only please myself. But when it's a tour, it feels a bit more like I have a responsibility to some degree to entertain people." No shit. [Wired]

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