Super Talent 128GB SSD Drops Solid State Price Like It's Hot

Sound the alarm for hard disks—it looks like solid state drive prices have plunged enough to finally jump out of early adopter territory. California-based flash memory maker Super Talent is now offering a 128GB SSD for $US300 retail. That's $US150 cheaper than a comparable offer from Dell and about $US4.95 cheaper per GB than Intel's disks (though, granted, Intel's runs faster).

The 2.5-inch FTM28GO25H claims a 100MB read rate and a 40MB write rate, faster than the "cheap" SSD modules of yesterday. If 128GB seems like too much space for you to handle, the company's offering a similarly specced 64-GB model as well for $US179. [Super Talent via JKontherun]

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