STM Rogue Roller Could Be The Perfect Overnight Laptop Bag

rogue roller's face it: if you own a 17-inch laptop, the last thing you'll want to be doing is popping it into a backpack or a shoulder bag and carrying it around. Those things are heavy. Especially when you've got to get other stuff in your bag as well, like chargers, PSPs, iPods, clothes, toiletries, blow-up dolls... the list goes on and on.

That's why the STM Rogue Roller looks like it could be the perfect overnight laptop bag. Not only will it fit in your 17-incher without a drama, it also has wheels. So you can roll it around without having to do any manual lifting. And knowing the type of people who read Giz, heavy lifting isn't a favoured pastime of anyone here.

While the design isn't anything revolutionary, it is made by STM, and in my experience their stuff is well-made and comfortable. If you want one of these for yourself, they come in a grey/black combination and a grey/red combination for $179.95.

[STM bags]

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