Sony's (Yes, Sony's) ICF-CD3i the Neatest Looking iPhone Clock/Radio Dock Yet

Sony Insider has uncovered Sony's newest Dream Machine, the ICF-CD3iP, the most attractive iPhone/iPod Clock/Radio Dock I've seen yet. No telling what it sounds like, but for the US$100 or so it will cost when it eventually surfaces, I'm guessing it would be somewhere between "tinny but decent" and "hey, that's not so bad."

SI mentions the fact that it has an iPod/iPhone remote, and that its alarm can co-exist with iPhone/iPod alarms; I don't believe that's a first, but it's a good thing to hear. By the looks of it, that iPod dock slides out, too, a nice thing for those who might not care for iStuff. If the round face hasn't tipped you off already, it's also a CD player with MP3-CD playback, and it has a line in, in case you still want to patch in your 120GB Zune. What? Sony still makes MP3 players? Huh. [Sony Insider via iPodNN]

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