Sony's a900 24.6MP DSLR Costs $182.89 Per MegaPixel In Australia

Sony's new full-frame DSLR has a spec list to make any photographer salivate with anticipation. There's the whole 24.6-megapixel sensor, for a start. But there's also the in-body image stabilisation and the whole new image processor.

But surprisingly the Australian version will have some extra features that the US model seems to lack when it lands in mid-October. Like a $4,499 price tag for the body-only model, as opposed to the US$3000 ($3,700) you can pick the camera up for in the US.

Sure, we're pretty used to being charged a premium for gadgets here in Australia, but if you really want to pick up the new a900 from Sony, it might be a good idea to head online and try and get an overseas retailer to ship to you here in Australia. With the money you save you might be able to buy a lens or two.


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