Sony Updates NAS-Enabled Stereos, M700HD and D500HD

It was almost exactly a year ago that we talked about Sony's network-accessible storage stereo systems, and now Sony's popped up with two new similar devices. The NAS-M700HD and D500HD are basically upgrades to the old M75HD and D55HD: the M700 has a 160GB HDD, plays minidiscs and has an S-Master digital amplifier built in, the D500 is essentially the same, but lacks MD and the S-Master. Both have Walkman ports with the WM-PORT connector and support DLNA 1.0, and both support KDDI's LISMO service for uploading of music to mobile phones and can access the AnyMusic online store for direct access to new tunes. This means these beasts will likely remain in Japan, where they'll be out October 18 for US$780 for the M700 and US$600 for the D500. [AVWatch]

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