Sony Has Upgrade Frenzy: Tweaks many Vaio PCs, Including A-Series Mega Laptop

We brought you a three new Vaios last week, but Sony Japan seems to be in the mood to tweak much of the rest of its Vaio line of laptops and desktops. There are new machines in the A-series, C-series, L-series and R-series. The RT50 is aimed at professional users, labelled "photo edition," with an anti-glare screen and a screen shield. CS60B is a 14.1-inch laptop in numerous colours and 802.11n Wi-Fi, and the LJ53B is one of Sony's stylish desktop all-in-one media-players. But the AW70 and AW50 are the most interesting: monster, 18.4-inch powerful laptops with Blu-ray burners and HDMI-out, designed as desktop replacements.

The AW50 and AW70 have what Sony's calling the largest LCD laptop screens in the world, and its mated to pretty serious machines. Like the new R-series desktops, these new A-series machines are aimed at video and photography professionals, so the screen meets Adobe's RGB standard 100%, both come with extra pro-level software and have a Core 2 Duo T9400 purring inside at 2.53GHz. 500GB hard drives and GeForce 9600M GT graphics complete the package, but mean the machines weigh in at around 3.9kg.

Prices for these machines go from US$1,500 for the C-series to the A-series at around US$3,000, and though there's no official word, we can probably expect these upgrades to arrive in the rest of the world soon. Updated
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