So, What Is Happening With Android In Australia?

So, What Is Happening With Android In Australia?

ImageSo we’ve been inundated with Android stories over the past couple of days from the US, but there is one question that they haven’t bothered asking: When’s Android coming to Australia?

Well, the guys over at ZDNet have done a heap of research into the matter, and it turns out the answer is that nobody knows anything. They spoke to all four of the mobile carriers, plus reps from the major handset manufacturers, and they couldn’t glean a single droplet of information.

The best response they received was that the carriers were “investigating the issue internally”. Even Google was quiet about when we might see some Android action. Apparently HTC – who make the G1 handset for T-Mobile in the US – gave the Zedders a “watch this space’ quote, which could mean anything at all.

So, if you’re dying to test out Android, best pull out your deck of cards and start playing solitaire – it might be a bit of a wait before we see anything here.

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