Silicon Valley's Birthplace of the Semiconductor: Now a Fruit and Vegetable Stand

We all owe a lot to this place. The birth of the world's first silicon chip happened here, and now, it's a nice place to pick up some fresh produce. Bits has a great history of the site—now known as the Fiesta Super Market at 391 San Antonio Road in Mountain View (home also to the big G). It used to be the world's first semiconductor lab, established by the American physicist William Shockley and where the founders of Fairchild and Intel got their chops. But now? Just a couple of marks on the sidewalk indicate its past, among all the fine fruits and veggies.

Silicon Valley historical tourists (they exist) used to find a sign with information detailing the site's history, which seems to have gotten chucked in the remodeling:

"I have no idea what happened to it," said Pablo Martinez, the owner of Fiesta Super Market, talking about the Shockley sign.

And here is what the "three to five people" per month see when they visit the nearby home of Fairchild Semiconductor:Interesting to see how a tech culture so caught up in the future deals with its historical past. Much more good reading over at Bits. [Bits Blog]

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