Shure Rolls Out Cheaper SE102MPA Phone Headset, Bundles Free Music Phone Adaptor With Full SE Line

As you know from our recent Battlemodos, we love Shure's SE line of in-ear headphones, especially when paired with the Music Phone Adaptor that gives you a microphone and control button for your iPhone. Previously, the MPA was a US$50 add-on and the cheapest phones you could get it with were the US$120 SE110s, but the new SE102MPA set adds the SE line's modular design to the low-end (but still great) SLC2 phones from Shure's "Pro" category and adds an iPhone adaptor for US$100, total. And on top of that, they've bundled the MPA with the whole modular SE line for even more deals.

The prices of the MPA bundles now match the current retail prices for just the headphones on Shure's site, so you'll save around US$50 across the board. Pair that with the company's top-notch service and warranties (they'll replace your phones via FedEx for just about any failure for a period of 2 years after purchase), and you've got a solid deal all around.

SE102MPA: $99.99 retail price; $119.99 MSRP
SE110MPA: $129.99 retail price; $154.99 MSRP
SE210MPA: $179.99 retail price; $214.99 MSRP
SE310MPA: $279.99 retail price; $334.99 MSRP
SE420MPA: $379.99 retail price; $429.99 MSRP
SE530MPA: $469.99 retail price; $519.99 MSRP

Shure Introduces SE102MPA Sound Isolating™ Stereo Headset

New $99 Bundled Music + Mobile Accessory Turns "Everyday Audiophile"
into "Everyday Superuser"

NILES, IL, September 2, 2008 - Shure Incorporated today unveiled the
$99.99 SE102MPA Sound Isolating™ Stereo Headset, a new entry-level
accessory that brings a premium audio and communication experience to
price-conscious iPhone and smartphone owners. It offers Shure's newest
SE earphone model bundled with the company's wildly popular Music
Phone Adaptor (MPA).

When the iPhone launched in June 2007, Shure was there to deliver.
The company brought its 80-year professional audio legacy to iPhone
enthusiasts everywhere with the MPA, one of the first premium
accessories to seamlessly marry listening and communicating. Now,
with a better-than-ever iPhone and host of new multi-function devices
exploding onto the scene, Shure is innovating once again with an
entire line of do-it-all bundled accessories that maximize converged
device performance for every level of user.

According to the CEA/GfK Worldwide Consumer Electronics Sales &
Forecast, global sales of mobile phones and smartphones were $156
billion in 2007 (1.09 billion units) and are expected to reach $178
billion in 2008 (more than 1.2 billion units). With Apple paving the
way, it's clear that the promise of convergence is unfolding.
Multi-function devices no longer have to sacrifice performance in one
area to achieve it in another, and as a result, new buyers are
investing in converged devices and in the accessories that maximize
device performance. After witnessing the phenomenal success of its
MPA, Shure anticipated growing demand for bundled products that would
offer consumers their favourite Shure earphone models packaged with an
MPA. With the SE Sound Isolating™ Stereo Mobile Headsets, Shure
enthusiasts at every level can enjoy a premium listening and
communication experience no matter when and how they're using their
converged devices.

"Smartphones are the new 'it' devices because users no longer have to
abandon who they are to benefit from smartphone technology," said Mark
Karnes, Executive Director, Global Marketing, Shure. "With Apple
offering the first true medium, audiences from casual users to
musicphiles, moviephiles and constantly-connected business users can
get it all from one device. They want the same from accessories — one
high-performance, bundled accessory that maximizes everything their
device offers — and this is exactly what Shure is delivering with its
new bundled headset line."

The SE102MPA Sound Isolating Stereo Headset

Designed for iPhone owners in search of a seamless music plus mobile
experience at an affordable price, the SE102MPA delivers premium sound
and one-touch call answering. Interchangeable Sound Isolating™
Sleeves and an inline microphone guarantee clear communication, even
in noisy environments. A unique cable design allows the user to
remove the MPA for additional versatility and convenience.

Additional SE102MPA features

Dynamic MicroSpeakers: Professional-grade Dynamic MicroSpeakers bring
premium, rock star sound quality to the "everyday audiophile."
Low-profile VoicePort™ Microphone: Tuned to enhance intelligibility
regardless of background noise, this professional grade Shure
microphone uses VoicePort technology to provide superior sound quality
and ensure that callers hear each other clearly even in noisy

Modular Cable Design: Shure is now extending the modularity concept it
pioneered with its SE models to its SE Sound Isolating Stereo Mobile
Headsets. An interchangeable cable provides unmatched flexibility and
boundless options for consumers to personalise their converged

Sound Isolating Sleeves: Shure signature Sound Isolating Sleeves
prevent outside noise from interfering with a consumer's audio
experience and block more background noise than active noise
cancellation technology. Interchangeable earphone fit options deliver
unparalleled personal customisation and comfort.
Carrying Pouch/Included Accessories: The SE102MPA is packaged with a
zipper-less drawstring pouch and three pairs of soft flex sleeves (S,
M, L).

Shure SE Sound Isolating Stereo Mobile Headsets (SE110MPA, SE210MPA,

In addition to the SE102MPA, Shure is also introducing several other
SE Sound Isolating Stereo Mobile Headsets: the SE110MPA, SE210MPA,
SE310MPA, SE420MPA and SE530MPA, a new headset family that offers
Shure's acclaimed SE earphone models bundled with the MPA.

These new products combine all of consumers' favourite attributes of
Shure SE models - including superior audio quality, beautiful design,
modular capabilities, comfort and portability - with the convenience
of a detachable stereo mobile headset. The bundled models will
include all accessories currently packaged with existing Shure SE
models. The SE110MPA, SE210MPA, SE310MPA, SE420MPA and SE530MPA also
include a 3-foot extension cable for users who prefer to remove the

Pricing and Availability

SE102MPA: $99.99 retail price; $119.99 MSRP
SE110MPA: $129.99 retail price; $154.99 MSRP
SE210MPA: $179.99 retail price; $214.99 MSRP
SE310MPA: $279.99 retail price; $334.99 MSRP
SE420MPA: $379.99 retail price; $429.99 MSRP
SE530MPA: $469.99 retail price; $519.99 MSRP

Shure SE Sound Isolating Stereo Mobile Headsets will begin to be
available to consumers in September 2008 and will carry a two-year
limited warranty. All Shure Sound Isolating™ Earphones, headsets and
inline accessories may be purchased online at, as well
as at select retail partners. Check for a complete list
of Authorised Dealers.

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