Show Us Your Gadget-Filled Dungeon To Visit UCHI

Don’t forget that we’re offering the 5 lucky Gizmodians exclusive double passes to visit Sony’s UCHI event on September 25. There’s no other way to get into this event, where you’ll get to grope all the latest and greatest Sony products. You’ll be wined and dined (beer and finger-fooded?) and there’ll be live entertainment to keep you partying until they kick you out.

To win, all you need to do is show us your gadgets. The most creative entries will make the finals, where other Giz readers will get to vote on the best five. To submit your entry, email it (or a link) to [email protected] This is a once in a lifetime opportunity – you’ll be members of an elite group to attend the festivities. Don’t miss out because you’re lazy.

[Uchi on Giz]