Sarah Palin Action Figure Can Kick Barbie's Arse

Jason and I have been wanting a hero action figure version of ourselves for a long time. Plus a couple of Leia in her metal bikini too, so we can play with them like Dark Helmet. And perhaps two more of potential vice president Sarah Palin as well. Unfortunately, they are too expensive, which is probably for the better, since the idea is kind of disturbing when you see Palin's legs going out her miniskirt.

This is the Superhero version, with a 45 calibre arm tied to her leg.

And this is the executive version. Hummm... maybe this is not that sick. I don't know. After all, to quote Tom Waits in Nighthawks at the Diner, at least I don't tie up myself first. If you are into Sarah action figures, you can get her naked for US$27.95—the executive—and US$29.95—the Super Hero. The visits to the shrink are not included. [Hero Builders]

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