San Francisco Hunting For 'Mystery Device' on City Network

San Francisco is continuing to untangle the mess created by the notorious Terry Childs after his attempt to bring down the city network. According to estimates, the cleanup has cost taxpayers US$1 million so far, with an additional US$800,000 set aside for unforeseen problems. The latest development in the saga occurred late last month when investigators discovered a mysterious hidden networking device referred to as "a terminal server" that appears to provide remote access to the city's Fibre WAN network. The password is unknown—but the login is accompanied by a warning message stating: "This system is the personal property of Terry S. Childs."

Futhermore, the city's Department of Telecommunications and Information Services isn't even sure where the device is located. So far, Childs isn't talking. Despite giving up info to SF's charismatic mayor, there are still a lot of pieces left to the puzzle. Maybe another meeting with the mayor is in order—except this time fists should ask the questions. [NetworkWorld via Tech Digest]

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