Samsung Wants to Buy SanDisk to Complete Domination of World's Flash Memory

Samsung is already the world's largest maker of flash memory chips—seriously, their chips are in like everything—but it told regulators today that it's thinking about picking up ailing industry giant SanDisk.

Part of the reason, no doubt, is that Sammy pays SanDisk up to US$500 million a year in royalties thanks to its massive portfolio of flash memory patents. And of course, there's simply the old fashioned desire to tighten its already Hulk-like grip on the market, though one analyst says a buyout could shove Samsung's marketshare high enough to make the anti-trust police take notice.

If it goes through, it would probably push up the price of flash memory (which is at rock bottom and precisely why SanDisk's life sucks right now), though it's debatable whether that would be passed on to you in the price gadgets from say, Apple or Microsoft . [Marketwatch, Image]

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