Samsung Puts Stupid Motion Control in Music Phones, Thinks It's a Great Idea

I don't know when mobile phone manufacturers are going to realise that adding gimmicky cheap features to their mobile phones won't make them better, smarter, or more interesting. Example: accelerometers are great but would I like to use my hands like bloody David Copperfield to control my music? I would do it to make a hot chick on top of a dragon riding a Harley appear out of thin air, but not to play my music, change a track, or mute my phone, which is exactly what Samsung's run-of-the-mill BEATb and BEATs do. The idea is so last year, although Samsung has added even more functions.

According to Samsung:

Samsung BEATb and Samsung BEATs come with 'Motion Play' feature, which enables users to control their music with just few simple motions. For instance, users can play or pause music simply by tapping their phone. By flipping the phone, the music is muted and the phone is automatically set at the etiquette mode. Moreover, by simple shaking the phone, users can play the next song or previous song.

Thankfully for Samsung fans, and knowing that people won't use this feature except to show off with their friends and to play for the first three days, they also include physical buttons. Do you think motion control is useful or even usable for full music control?

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