Samsung Highnote Hands-On

Samsung's Highnote slider phone is another Sprint exclusive with a hidden speaker that reveals itself when you slide the phone face down. Even in the middle of a press event, you could hear the speaker at work, and for what it was, it didn't sound excessively tinny or distorted.

Aside from the speaker, the phone was pretty standard fare. A 0-9 keypad sits on the bottom end of the phone under the face, and a rotating dial on the front is used for menu navigation. The Highnote also uses the "One Click" UI designed by Frog, which automatically brings up context options when you scroll over a menu icon (phone, messaging, internet, etc...). This is meant to streamline and simplify the user experience, but at this point, it's too early in development to give impressions.

The Samsung Highnote will be available in October for US$100.

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