Samsung: Blu-ray Will Be Dead in Five Years

We've finally gotten to the good stuff in Blu-ray: BD-Live 2.0 players all over the place, Transformers, Firefly, cheaper prices, almost everything we wanted. That's too bad, because Samsung says this party will be over in just five years.

Andy Griffiths, Samsung UK's director of consumer electronics, says that "I think it [Blu-ray]has 5 years left, I certainly wouldn't give it 10." Sad, really, since he believes 2008 is finally Blu-ray's year (we agree, by year's end, it'll have finally found its stride).

He doesn't elaborate on what he thinks will take it down, but since Samsung is moving into internet-connected TVs, it's possible he's referring to the oft-cited digital downloads spectre that's been haunting the format war since the first shots were fired. Whatever happens, it'll look pretty on our OLED sets in 2010, which is when he thinks the tech will finally go mainstream. [Pocket Lint]

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