Samsung A837 Mil-Spec Mobile Phone Has a Tough Box Too

We brought you leaked photos and some basic specs on Samsung's upcoming toughened A837 mobile phone last week, but the enterprising chaps over at Por Homme have somehow got hold of one and unboxed it. They also revealed more detail on the toughness of the device: it's hardened to meet MIL-STD-810F standards for dust, shock, vibration, rain, altitude, solar radiation and temperature. Sounds like it'll be good for most work environments then, especially since the case is hardened to resist physical damage too. Check out the gallery and see the "cute" tough toolbox the phone came in.

Note that the Por Homme guys stress it's unlikely the phone'll come in a similar case when it hits the stores soon, though, since this was a special for AT&T B2B employees. Maybe they'll run with its Star Trek-alike looks instead, and match the packaging to that? No... I don't think so either. [Por Homme]

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