Rumour: iPhone 3G Home Activation and Model Refresh Coming Soon

I missed out on the cushy, well-received home activation process enjoyed by pretty much every first gen iPhone user. Instead, I waited in line for my iPhone 3G, waited some more, and then waited some more as the AT&T store employees told us about a hundred times that iTunes was kaput. Eventually, I was sent home to wait until the system was ready. On that note, here's some good news for future iPhone 3G buyers: The critically acclaimed home activation process could be returning soon.

AppleInsider cites Apple Store employees as the source of the rumour. Apparently, a new "Home" option (currently inactive) appears in their EasyPay system when they make an iPhone 3G sale. As the 8GB model runs dry on store shelves, there's also indications a 32GB model could appear fairly soon to replace it, and match the iPod Touch. [AppleInsider]

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