Rock Band Dated For Oz: November 9

Like many of you, we've been hanging out for EA to get off their backsides and launch Rock Band in Australia. But when they announced they were releasing Rock band 2, and we still hadn't seen an Australian release date, some of us here turned our attention to Guitar Hero IV, and their firm release date of November 17.

Well, now EA is trying to get our attention back by announcing that the original Rock Band will finally hit Aussie shelves on November 7. Of course there's no word on pricing, or whether or not Rock Band 2 will be launching straight afterwards either, but a date of any description is better than nothing for rock-hungry gamers.

But, as ex Giz editor Seamus (who's taking care of Kotaku at the moment) said to me when we discussed the announcement - it kind of makes you wonder, now that Rock Band 2 is available overseas - whether or not we're just getting the old Rock Band 1 stock they couldn't shift anymore. Probably not, but the timing is a bit suspect...

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