Reinvented Bulb Isn't Just a Bulb: It's an LED Light Source

"The lightbulb is dead. Long live CFL!" may be the chant sounding around the world as we switch to the energy-efficient fluorescent lighting, but this has its own problems—something the LED bulb from Frog Design is intended to fix. It's arguable the CFLs are bad for the environment, with plastic parts, electronics and mercury inside, and they emit a harsh light and can't be dimmed. LEDs are more efficient, potentially longer lasting, are dimmable and need less components. Frog has decided that to get consumers to adopt LEDs, and for ease of use, it's simplest to package them in a traditional glass enclosure, complete with screw-fit contacts. It's a design I've secretly thought about for ages: making it into a real product has just one difficulty... bright enough, white enough, long-lasting diffuse LEDs. [Yanko Design]

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