RCA EZ300 Pocket Camcorder Shoots HD for Frugal Filmmakers

It looks like RCA is trying to best their own high marks with the Small Wonder EZ300, an HD-capable pocket camcorder that's seriously cheap. In addition to shooting 720p HD video (and along with Kodak's Zi6 making HD the pocket cam standard), the EZ300's 2GB internal memory is expandable by 16GB via SD slot, which gets you 10 hours of hi-def footage. RCA says it's optimised for low-light, hopefully a major improvement over the EZ210, but I'll have to see it to believe it. The EZ300 runs on a Li-ion battery and doesn't shoot macro, but at $US160 it's cheaper than the Zi6 so you've got a tough choice to make. [RCA]

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