PhoneSaber Strikes Back, Returns as LightSaber Unleashed

After being voluntarily retired from the iTunes App Store, following a call by THQ Wireless, the most useless yet completely obligatory iPhone app—PhoneSaber—is returning to the store as LightSaber Unleashed. The lightsaber simulator will tie in with the new LucasArts's game, including completely new graphics, "dueling music," and characters from the game:

THQ Wireless has the licence for all things Star Wars and mobile, which is why the application was pulled in the first place. But don't worry about this becoming a pay application: It will still be free, making it even better than the equally useless Spore for iPhone. As Duncan Stevenson from The Mac Box told me:

Basically you can expect a much more exciting gameplay. The dueling music is something that were really happy we managed to include - it was a much requested feature and makes it really exciting to play!

Hold on... is Duncan actually referring to "exciting to pretend to fight with lightsabers" when he says "exciting to play"? [The Mac Box]

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