Peugeot: Hurry Up And Make This Concept Car!

peugeot 888.jpgEvery second year, Peugeot has a design competition to create the next generation of motor vehicle. The 888 is one of the 21 finalists for this year's competition, and even though it's not as sleek and shiny as some of the other entries, it's practically a Transformer, making it the epitome of all motor vehicles that have ever been conceptualised in the back of some creative type's mind in the history of the world.

The brainchild of Norweigan designer Oskar Johansen, the 888 is a two-seater with a bit of space for luggage in the back. It's powered (at least in the designer's mind) by lithium-ion batteries located in the boot, which power four electric engines (one for each wheel). There's also solar cells on the boot for a bit of extra juice while your driving.

The best feature of this car though is the fact that when driving around the crowded streets of a city, it arches up using a hydraulic tilting system, so that the driver sits a bit higher and the wheels are closer together, increasing maneuverability. But when you hit the open road, the axles separate again, lowering the vehicle's centre of gravity and keeping the driver comfortable during long drives.Voting for the competition this year is all online, and the winner of the comp will actually have the car made and shown off at the Shanghai Motor Show in April 2009. So hit the link and vote for the 888 - I really want one, and I don't think it will happen without your help!

[Peugeot Design Contest via GizMag]

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