Perfect Lego Mac Pro Is Two Computers in One

At first sight, this looked like a perfect working reproduction of a Mac Pro made of Lego, so I was ready to call it the best Lego computer in the history of best Lego computers. Then, when I learnt that it houses one full PC running Mac OS X and a Mac Mini, I felt something happening, this tingling sensation, this turgidity that made me feel a bit dizzy. And when I finally saw the Steve Jobs minifig standing there and took a closer look at it, nerdgasm finally ensued:

Made out of 2,588 Lego bricks, the Mac Pro was designed in Lego Digital Designer 2.0 for the MacMod Challenge 2008. The Hackintosh is a plain PC with a Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4Ghz CPU running Mac OS X, while the Mac Mini is a Core Duo 1.66Ghz. And the Steve Jobs minifig doesn't have any CPU, because he runs on mercurial power, tofu, and puppies' blood, like the real one.

And talking about the Steve Jobs minifig, remember we are still running our Go Miniman Go video contest, with the chance of winning priceless vintage Lego sets, shrink-wrapped, still in their boxes (if a new Lego Windmill can go for $US1,700, imagine how many thousands a Galaxy Explorer or the original Yellow Castle will cost).

If you want to participate, check the contest rules here.

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