Panasonic's Tiny Lumix DMC-G1 DSLR-Killer Does Shoot HD Video

On Friday, we introduced you to the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1, a tiny interchangeable-lens camera that's not a DSLR, but rather built on the new Micro Four Thirds standard will most likely shoot HD video, even though the original US press releases were mum on the subject.

Like many of you who commented on the post, we too were puzzled by the lack of video shooting in the feature list: As a camera that uses a DSLR sensor but isn't encumbered by the SLR mechanism, it only makes sense that it would shoot video. Today, TechOn says that, in the Japanese unveiling of the same G1 camera, Panasonic mentions AVCHD and non-specific HD video recording capability.

This is good news, because the whole point of the new body style should be added capability. Besides, the time for HD video on high-end cameras is nigh. [TechOn]

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