Panasonic's Living Room Concept Will Keep Your Family Fit

Apparently a fan of Jetsons-like living spaces, Panasonic is showing off a living room/kitchen area at CEATEC that puts all home gadgets and appliances on an interconnected network. Though we've seen numerous integrated home living concepts before, Panasonic's added a "Family Wellness Solution" that's kind of like a really advanced version of Wii Fit.

Each family member customises their own fitness profile, and then scuttles over to a video wall to choose either a specific workout or interaction with a video-based instructor. Panasonic's Total Living Space Solution system will then keep track of everybody's progress. The company said its concept will see the light of day about three to five years from now. I personally can't wait, since I'm convinced the best way to ensure my family's continued health is to put them in front of a tv screen for even more hours of the day. [Crave]

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