Orbiting Aliens Can Leach Internet Access From ISS Thanks to New WiFi Network

There may be a virus aboard, and the crappers were once waste distributors instead of collectors, but the one criticism we can no longer level at the International Space Station is a lack of wireless. That's because it has it now! Let astrophysics tests no longer be confined to the lab—astronauts can now complete them, blogger-style, from the comforts of their bunk.

Further details from NASA Watch:

"After transitioning the JSL (Joint Station LAN) network to the new Netgear wireless APs (Access Points, WAPs) which provide the ISS with WiFi (wireless+Ethernet) connectivity, Gregory today repeated functionality tests, abandoned earlier this week, in three Kibo JPM (JEM Pressurized Module) locations from the wireless SSC -11 laptop, and later also in the COL (Columbus Orbital Laboratory). Afterwards switching to "Proxim" APs, the new WiFi "Dolphin" BCRs (Barcode Readers) were also tested."

Other random, cool ISS news (at least for this fan of the game): NASA astronaut Greg Chamitoff is currently playing six simultaneous games of chess with the six ground control locations that monitor the ISS.

Even cooler? Magnets are a forbidden item for trips to the station, so Chamitoff made his custom lightweight set out of Velcro. [NASA Watch via Slashdot]

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