Open-Source Posse Bands Together to Investigate Mysterious Russian Hacker Squads

Remember when news came out that Russia had begun their military campaign in South Ossetia with a far-reaching hack attack on Georgia's government computer systems? Well, security experts are still having a hard time figuring out exactly what happened, who was responsible, and whether it could happen again. Now, Danger Room is reporting on a veritable Justice League of online security experts that's coming together to get some answers.

The team, assembled by intelligence blogger Jeff Carr and called "Gray Goose" (ha!) includes folks with a pretty impressive collective resume that lists several big names—Microsoft, Dept. of Homeland Security, Lexis-Nexis security, among others. They will scour the network data that's already been released, as well as comb the blog presence of the shady Russian Business Network, thought to be Russia's most lethal hacker guns for hire.

Carr says: "Although our collection and analysis effort is still nascent, it has already demonstrated [that]in matters of sufficient import, collaboration can occur on both sides of the [intelligence community's]black gate." Whether this type of "investigation" borders on actual clandestine hacking itself is another matter, but as of now, Grey Goose's mission seems to be to analyse data that's already out there for more answers. Citizen's arrest! Citizen's arrest! [Danger Room]

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