Olympus Signals Micro-Four Thirds Camera On The Way, Plus 'Creative' DSLR Cam

Since Olympus and Panasonic together developed the micro four thirds camera format, and Panasonic's Lumix G1 is already on the way, it shouldn't be a surprise to hear Olympus is working on one too. Olympus is currently making noises about the camera, saying it'll "bring dramatic reductions in size and weight to the Olympus E-System" and be easier and lighter to use than a conventional DSLR. But there's no word on the specs or even an image of the beast: a mock-up is due for unveiling at Photokina this week, and it'll show off the format's small size by being 11.9 x 6.4 x 3cm. Update: the camera's been revealed, and Digitalcamerareview's got pictures. Though there's still no specs, and it's still a mock-up, it's certainly a very rangefinder-looking device.

This is the "under glass" mock-up of Olympus' other camera: a proper four thirds DSLR. Olympus is saying the cam, also set for a concept "reveal" now revealed at Photokina, is going to be positioned between the E-520 and flagship E-3 models, borrowing funky E3 tech such as the high-speed autofocus system and 11-point "full twin-cross" AE/AF sensor. It'll also have a 1/8000th-second max shutter speed, image stabilisation, face detection, and an articulated LCD. Olympus is aiming it at "creative" photographers, with an incorporated "creative photo expression function," whatever that may be. The camera, as yet unnamed and un-priced, is due in the first quarter of 2009. [Olympus and Digitalcamerareview]

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