Official PlayStation 3 Bluetooth SOCOM Headset Is US$49 On October 14

The official PlayStation 3 Bluetooth headset will be arriving in the US on October 14 for US$49, or a bundle price of US$59 if you want to buy it and SOCOM Confrontation together. The headset itself has a "High-Quality" mode, which activates its dual mics and apparently uses "high bandwidth" to make you sound better to the other dudes on your team. There's also auto-pairing with the PS3 when you connect the headset via USB, and a speaker mode when you dock it in the desk charger. The problem with this "high-quality" mode is that it's only available for the PS3, not for your mobile phone. Our guess is that HQ-mode takes up more power, or it'd be on all the time.

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