North Korean Arcades Are Incredibly Sad

I've seen some crappy arcades in my day, mostly tucked into some crummy corner of whatever cheap hotel my mum had stashed us at, populated with well-worn Galaga and Street Fighter II machines. They had a certain kind of charm, though, and still do, considering the fact that the arcade is an endangered species in the US. Then there's this arcade in North Korea, which is almost as bad as the old Soviet ones.

It makes me sad, especially when I think about the arcades in Japan and the massive Starcraft colosseums to the south. Not because of how old the machines are—a great game is a great game—but because of the poor condition they're in. I realise NK has much bigger problems, like starving people, but that doesn't change my gut reaction to these pictures as a gamer. Head over to UK Resistance to see the rest. [UK Resistance via BBG]

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