NLighten IT7202 72-inch Touchscreen HDTVs Put Google Earth At Your Fingertips

Rear-projection may be deader than dead as far as the biggies are concerned, but the folks at nLighten are intent to squeeze a bit more life out of these 72-inch 1080p DLP sets by sticking an infrared camera inside next to the light source that detects cursor points from an IR-tipped pen, allowing for a simple (no multitouch) touchscreen interface. It can act as a standard Windows mouse allowing for 1080p touchscreen Google Earth, or any other app.

The 72-inch IR-pen screen is priced at US$3,000, and a similar version that uses camera triangulation from cameras mounted on the top of the bezel for actual finger touch control will set you back US$4,000. As you can see in the video, the finger-touch seems to be a bit finicky, but the IR pen control is smooth as silk. [CEDIA 2008]

nLighten Technologies introduces three 60 inch & 72 inch Touch Screen DLP
Rear Projection Displays
Superior Pictures & Easy Intuitive Display through Superior Technologies

Denver/CEDIA EXPO 2008 - (September 3, 2008) - nLighten Technologies Inc. an innovative
products provider, as well as manufacturer of specialty displays and residential displays,
today introduced its 72 inch finger touch screen, DT7200. This new product adds to its
core line ups of 60 inch and 72 inch pen touch DLP Rear Projection Displays, IT6002 and
IT7202. The product is ideal for conference room, point of information display, or
classroom. nLighten is committed to fulfill the fast growth for high-definition super large
display with touch screen capability.

Keeping pace with market trends, the nLighten DT7200 offers high definition resolution
(1920 x 1080: 1080P) which enables users to take advantage of the latest high definition
video or PC content and enjoy true HD video playback without compensating clarity of
pictures. In addition, the superior technology of Texas Instrument's DLP-engine provides
greater contrast and deep black levels for richer detail in dark scenes on 72 inch large screen
DT7200 incorporates high sensitivity camera sensors for faster response, a much superior
product as it compare to other technologies that use films or coatings over the screen,
eliminating ghosting, and trailing images.

nLighten's IT6002 and IT7202 have pen touch feature which turn your conference room,
classroom or media room in your residence into an interactive room. IT6002 and IT7202's
large touch-sensitive displays invite your audiences to focus on the presentation materials
and retain information easier.
h&72inch TouchScreenDLP
Collaborating large screen high definition displays and touch function, nLighten's new
DT7200, 72 inch Finger Touch screen DLP Display, and IT6002 and IT7202, 60 inch and 72
inch Pen Touch screen DLP Displays, offer fast and precise response to the movement and
can be enhanced by featuring nLighten's software solution for interactive eboard
"Touch screens are an efficient and intuitive way to access and interact with on-display
information, and appeal to a wide variety of users and applications", said nLighten President
Jack Kuo. "The technology of finger touch compliments nLighten's standard display line
ups." "We recognise the increase demand for touch screen capability with large screen size
displays from our channel partners. "
nLighten is showing all three True High Definition Touch Screen DLP Rear Projection Displays
at CEDIA EXPO 2008 booth #826, September 4 ~7, 2008, Denver, CO.

About nLighten
nLighten Technologies Inc. is a research and development of large screen size HD DLP
Display. With office located in Fremont, CA, and its manufacturing facility in Suzhou, China,
nLighten is becoming a global leader of specialty display technology providing large screen
high definition monitors and ATSC TVs for most demanding environments such as
conference room, classroom, and home theatre. Home theatre Enthusiasts depend on
nLighten to provide superior performance when image quality is the highest expectation.
For more information, visit
Phihong USA Corporation, a subsidiary of Phihong Technology Co., Ltd. , Taiwan, is the
exclusive distributor to market the full line of nLighten products and does the technical
supports for North American market.

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