New iPod Touch Slightly Fatter With iPhone 3G-Like Tapering; iPod Nano Thinnest Yet

The dudes at iLounge have scored schematics laying out the dimensions of the new iPod touch and iPod nano widely expected to debut on Sept. 9. While the nano's tall, skinny and curvy silhouette ain't a secret, according to these measurements, it's a smidge taller and about 0.4mm thinner than the second-gen nano (making it the most anorexic one yet). The iPod touch will bloat a bit, losing growing 1mm taller while shaving adding 0.4 mm of flab that'll be disguised by borrowing iPhone 3G's tapered design, officially making tapering the new white. And hey, does that look like external volume controls? Check it out below.

I'm hoping they stick with a metal backing (but less scratchy and smudgy) instead of switching to plastic like the iPhone, since cell reception isn't really an issue. [iLounge]

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