New iPhone with Weird Guy and Gundam Photo Outside the Factory

People keep finding photos in their new iPhones, and these keep getting weirder and weirder. This time, Giz reader Bryan Offenhauer found this funny shot of an anonymous guy next to a human-sized Gundam:

I just upgraded to the iPhone 3G 16gb and found this handsome gentlemen had beat me to the punch on using my new phone's camera. It doesn't look like this picture was taken while at any sort of factory, but he looks mighty proud of his giant transformer. Anyway I was just wondering if there are other people that have gotten phones with odd pictures already stored on them.

I can understand the factory tests, but this? Did they take the iPhone away from the assembly line, take the photo, and then return it? Maybe these guys are trying to mess up with our minds? Is this guy single? Are Gundam-Men marriages allowed in China? We demand answers. [Thanks Bryan]

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