Mum Finds Macabre Use for Useless Mobile Phone Straps, Kills Son

You only have to take one look at this spent piece of used trash to know that nothing good can come out of her petrol eyes and twisted gesture. Kaoru Tomiishi is her name, and she has admitted that she killed her 6-year-old son with a mobile phone strap, probably the most inane and naff cheapo object of modern culture. She initially tried to cover it, but after the body was found thanks to the GPS inside the same mobile phone.

In her first declaration, Kaoru explained that her son Koki disappeared in the park:

I brought Koki to the park after he came back from school shortly after 3 p.m. He went missing while I was in a restroom that is about 20 meters away from large play equipment in the athletic playground area of the park.

The police conducted a search using the GPS in Koki's mobile—which also has the strap that the police thinks is the crime weapon—finally finding the body, which the mother refused to see. After further questioning, she admitted she was the killer. [Mainichi and Yomiuri via Tokyomango]

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