Motorola Q11 Spotted, Looks Barely Distinguishable from Q9

Motorola doesn't seem to have a great plan for the mobile space in the next few years, and these spy shots do little to assuage our fears of imminent crappiness. I mean, there's nothing immediately wrong with what we've heard and now seen of the Q11—GPS, Wi-Fi, and 3G are standard fare for smartphones (and even feature phones) of the day—but there's almost definitely nothing exciting.

Most disappointing, perhaps, the apparently completely unmodified interface for Windows Mobile 6.1, the forsaken but largely inevitable operating system of choice for the Q11. As HTC and Samsung know (evidenced by their Touchflo 3D and i900 Omnia interfaces, respectively) and as my grandpa may or may not have told me once, even though you can't really shine shit, you have to at least try. What follows is an incredibly optimistic use of the word "maybe": maybe Motorola will redeem themselves with the Alexander and Atila. [Gizmodo Brazil]

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