Monster Slays Vampire Power with New Power Strips, Slays Wallets Too

Monster, usually better known for cabling, is now tackling powering your gadgets in an eco-friendly manner with a new range of standby-killing power strips. The Digital Life Power Centre Green Power versions being the first of two lines, aimed at connecting your computer gear up: when you turn off the computer, all the peripheral sockets get switched off too. There're three versions—the MDP 650, 800 and 900.

The second line is aimed at audio systems, with GreenPower versions of the EPIR 2450, EPIR 3650, and HDP 2550 PowerCenters. These systems are designed to work with "any universal learning remote"—you simply program it with the right IR codes, and then with one flick of a button your HDTV and all its support audio and video gear will click off, protecting the environment and saving you a handful of dollars on your utility bills. It's not clear if you need line of sight to the power strip, but that's probably still pretty convenient for most users, and if you can do your bit for the environment without even having to leave your couch, that can only be a good thing.

The MDP650, 800 and 900 will set you back US$70, US$99 and US$129 respectively, but you'd probably have to be an audiophile to consider the entertainment PowerCenter versions: the EPIR 2450 (with three socket outlets) is a whopping US$500, as is the HDIR 2550 (which has just 2 socket outlets), whereas the EPIR 3650 is an even chunkier US$600 and can switch off four items plugged into it. You could always just haul yourself out of the chair and flick the switch—I'm just saying. [Monster Power]

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