Modified New Zealand Wool Resists Blowtorches, Dog Bites, Sharp Knives

Call it cliche (or just inevitable), but those sheep-herders down not-quite under have created the ultimate fabric by weaving a synthetic textile fibre called Vectran with ordinary sheep's wool. It's so amazing, its said to withstand blowtorches, dog bites and even knife attacks.

"We have tested it...putting the fabric over a cushion. With a screwdriver or something, using two hands and all your force, it won't go through," Dr. Peter Ingham, a scientist at New Zealand's AgResearch government lab, told reporters. "A very sharp knife with the fabric horizontally on a benchtop, using two hands and all your force—it will go through. It will penetrate a little bit," he said, adding. "This is, if you like, stab resistant," he said.

Now that's a turtleneck sweater I can get behind. [SBS World News Australia]

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