Mobile Star City Is China's Plan to Take Over the World

We love MAD architects—creators of crazy buildings and giant killer wasps skyscrapers—because they are truly mad, like their latest concept. Presented as a gigantic model at the 11th Venice Biennale, the Super Star City is a "mobile China Town" that can be deployed all over the planet to "inject the energy of China to the world." Hookay, time to start fueling the ICBMs because, once you see the gallery of this 1,000-meter-high monster placed in major cities, it will remind you of an alien invasion.

While obviously the city is made of nonobtanium and/or kryptonite, the idea of a self-contained town, using each spike of the star for a different purpose is, interesting. At least, interesting enought for megalomaniac urban planners in planet Krypton and myself. [MAD via Dark Roasted Blend]

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