Microsoft's 'I'm A PC' Ad Beats Seinfeld (But Not Hodgman)

Phase 2 of Microsoft's Windows ad campaign debuted tonight during The Office, and the latest work by ad agency Crispin, Porter + Bogusky definitely beats the crap out of those (ill-fated?) Gates/Seinfeld ads when it comes to making a point. The point is simple: Not all PC users look like John Hodgman. Some are even sexy beasts. It's easy to spot Deepak Chopra and Bill Gates affirming their PC-ness, but I think I also saw A-Rod Tony Parker and Eva Longoria too. You guys have a look and fill in the gaps, because there are a lot of celebs and specialists showing PC pride here. I only wish it didn't open with that poor bastard Hodgman lookalike—the message is damn loud and clear anyhow. Update: Windows' 15-second "I Wear a Suit" video below...


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