Microsoft Almost Bought Nintendo, And More Revelations by Peter Moore

When Peter Moore, ex Microsoft VP in charge of the Xbox division walked onto the stage at E3 (now working for EA), you could literally feel the energy of the room pick up. Journalists and fans alike were more entertained seeing this balding guy presenting some sports game rehashes than they were during big budget Nintendo or Sony keynotes alike. It was like the silver screen presence of an aging John Wayne, the Duke, entering with a confident swagger that just made people smile and feel alright.

Anyway, the Guardian recently completed a multi-part interview with the man himself that's a very entertaining and worthwhile read, especially if you're interested in the behind the scenes of companies like Microsoft and hardware like the Sega Dreamcast. But it was one passage in particular that caught our eye as particularly noteworthy in which Moore explains that Microsoft considered buying Nintendo.

Was Ballmer interested in what you'd achieved at Sega or in your attitude as a businessman?
He wanted my attitude, he didn't care what I'd achieved at Sega, he wanted to know how I was going to win for Microsoft, how we were going to take on Sony, how would we compete with - or acquire - Nintendo. Those were the conversations in those days. It was a classic build or buy conversation. Xbox had launched but it was an aggressive black box for shooters, and how do we evolve that, how do we build the next Xbox, how do we get after Sony? Interestingly, we were just completely fixated on Sony - Nintendo didn't even come into the conversation.

Hit the link to read the rest of the excellent interview. [guardian via Kotaku and image]

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