Lunch Wrap: Best of Wednesday Night

Lunch Wrap: Best of Wednesday Night

Lunch ham sandwich.jpgBack from Hong Kong after a hellacious flight, so apologies for the late wrap today. On the upside, there’s plenty of awesome content coming your way this afternoon and tomorrow…

Canon 5D Mark II Officially Awesome: 21MP DSLR First to Shoot Full HD Video
Okay, I know this hit yesterday, but I just wanted to read it again…

Google Buying Valve?
If they do, their cloud computing solution will get a lot better…

Full, Reliable Instructions to Load OSX on Eee PC
So if you were lucky enough to pick up an Eee PC yesterday, this might be good for you.

HP Denies OS Rumour, Most Likely Confused With Upcoming Touchsmart UI
They didn’t deny it – they flat out smashed it. I know, because I was there (and asked the question).

NY Driver’s Licence Embedded With RFID: Doubles as a Passport
This sounds like an awesome idea. Sometimes I wish Victoria was another country just so we could get cool things like this…

Microsoft Almost Bought Nintendo, And More Revelations by Peter Moore
If they did, the Wii would probably have a better name.

Secret Guitar Hero 4 ‘Instrument’ Revealed
But the kicker? PS3 only.