Lightning Review: Olinari Dog Tags Hold, Secure Your Flash Memory

The Gadget: Olinari USB Dog Tags, which hold various USB drives inside the magnetic-clasp locking necklace charm. These are the follow up of the undoubtedly overpriced original version, which somehow managed to both look better, feel better and have a lower price.

The Price: US$175

The Verdict: This is super useful if you're looking to carry a backup SD card with you to parties, hikes and anywhere where memory sticks could possibly fall out of your pocket from being jostled too much. The magnetic clasp is solid and won't flip open unless directly yanked on, and the new options of chain (leather choker, especially) are more comfortable than the original. It's perfect for an SD card or something around that size, but larger ones (CompactFlash for example) won't be able to fit.

At a price of US$175 it's still slightly extravagant (about half as extravagant as the original version), but definitely makes a nice gift for that amateur photographer who's always running out of storage or losing his cards. [Olinari]

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