Lightning Review: NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse

Lightning Review: NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse
The Gadget Avatar is the first-ever gaming mouse from NZXT, who’s better known for its Battlestar Galactica-worthy PC cases. It’s got the usual gaming mice features—a ridiculous DPI count with on-the-fly-switching, a crapload of customisable buttons, and bright, shiny lights.

The Price: $US70.

Verdict: I'm on record as being less than fond of ambidextrous mice since I don't use a "claw" grip for gaming. Avatar tries to let you have it both ways, with a deeply grooved thumb grip, and fails more spectacularly as a result.

Its most glaring problem, and what ultimately renders it less than usable, is that it has a thumb button placed on either side—part of the whole ambidextrous thing—so it's far too easy to hit the one opposite your thumb with your ring finger whenever you pick the mouse up (something you do a lot, actually). You can try tucking your finger underneath it, but that requires you to recess your grip, so that clicking the button your thumb actually uses requires more effort, and therefore more time. Not to mention it cramps your hand, thanks to its extremely thin profile. They could partially solve this by making the arse of the mouse a bit fatter, giving the back of your palm more surface to grip so you could actually use it in a claw style. Even then, that errant side button would still be in the way.

So, while the customisation software and everything worked well enough, the ergonomics of the mouse really just make it less than usable. If you're looking for an ambidextrous gaming mouse, I'd recommend one of Razer's instead. [NZXT]